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Our Beliefs

  1. We accept and believe in the Holy Bible as the complete written Word of God, preserved to us by the Holy Spirit for our salvation and instruction.
  2. We endorse the statement on the Word as found in the United Testimony on Faith and Life and would quote here the following: “We bear witness that the Bible is our only authentic and infallible source of God’s revelation to us and all men, and that it is the only inerrant and completely adequate source and norm of Christian doctrine and life.
  3. We hold that the Bible, as a whole and in all its parts, is the Word of God under all circumstances regardless of man’s attitude toward it.”
  4. We accept the ancient ecumenical symbols, namely, the Apostles’, the Nicene, and the Athanasian Creeds; Luther’s Small Catechism and the unaltered Augsburg Confession as the true expression of the Christian faith and life.
  5. We reject any affiliations or associations which do not accept the Bible alone as definitive for the life and practice of man and the church.
  6. We submit all religious teaching to the test of II John 7-11.
  7. We endorse no one version or revision of the Bible to the exclusion of others. We recommend all which are reverent and true translations.

Our Identity

Grace Free Lutheran Church is part of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations (AFLC).

Church Membership

We speak about “church membership” as though it were only a matter of “joining a church” and “supporting” the church with our money, attendance, and occasional work.  But “membership” means that we are part of a living body and have the responsibility and privilege of contributing to the strength and growth of that body. If the body is to grow and serve, it must be “joined and held together by every supporting ligament…as each part does its work.” (Ephesians 4:16)

Dr. Warren W Wiersbe, A Gallery of Grace


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