When I was visiting my brother in Arizona a few years ago we drove past a building that was started years ago, but was never completed.  All that was standing in the Arizona sun was a skeleton of rusting iron.  I am sure it was a topic of conversation among those who drove by this unfinished project.  I can just hear people saying, “Why in the world don’t they finish what they started?”

In John 17 we find the longest recorded prayer of Jesus in all of Scripture.  It’s an amazing prayer because it gives us a glimpse into the heart of Jesus as He faces the cross.  The commitment that Jesus expresses in this prayer is to finish the work that the Father had given to Him.

This work included the work of salvation.  Jesus knew that He was about to face the most difficult days of His life.  Yet He was committed to die on the cross for the sins of the world.
This work also included the work of discipleship.  In this prayer Jesus prays for His disciples that they would be protected from the evil one.  Jesus would continue to accomplish His work through them.

This work also included the work of evangelism.  In this prayer Jesus prays for us.  He looks forward into the future as he prays for those who will believe in Him through the inspired word of His disciples.

Jesus is committed to finish what He started, and for that we can be thankful.
Join us as we examine this prayer of Jesus for the next three Sundays.


In His Grace,
Pastor Peter Franz


Sermon Series
May 17 – Finishing the Work of Salvation (John 17:1-5)
May 24 – Finishing the Work of Discipleship
May 31 – Finishing the Work of Evangelism

Finishing the Work of Salvation
John 17:1-5

I. Jesus finished the work ACCORDING TO THE TIME OF THE FATHER.
II. Jesus finished the work FOR THE GLORY OF THE FATHER.